Familia 瑞士有機瑴類早餐(輕便裝) , 營養豐富 , 含有多種維他命 、 礦物質. 另外含膳食纖維 , 幫助腸道健康.

產品獲歐盟有機認証及不含基因改造, 令家人食得安心 !!  輕便裝方便攜帶 , 每次一包份量 . 不會因大盒份量潮濕而變質

balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrate

  • meets the recommendations of nutritionists
  • long lasting energy and increased performance
  • no excessive load on the digestive system

lasting satisfaction

  • maintenance of blood sugar levels
  • guarantee of optimum performance
  • maintenance of constant body weight

high percentage of wholegrain cereal

  • many complex carbohydrates
  • high vitamin and mineral content
  • high dietary fibre content

functional food = specific additional health benefits
For example:

  • familia c.m.plus – strengthened bone mass
  • familia a.c.e.balance – strengthened immune system
  • familia fit crisp – low fat for figure conscious nourishment
  • familia BodyBalance – naturally good and healthy digestion


  • no animal ingredients (with the exception of skimmed milk powder)
  • no cholesterol
  • excellent distribution of fatty acids

added milk and fruit make a complete meal

  • balanced nutritional composition
  • optimum delivery of nutritional requirements
  • tasty, light main meals

What exactly does organic mean?

Organic means that the crops are grown naturally without the use of artificial or chemical substances. This means that the land is not over-exploited. It is a sustainable form of production.



介紹           : Familia 瑞士有機瑴類早餐(輕便裝)
產地           : Switzerland
容量/重量: 50g

重量 0.05 kg
尺寸 1 × 1 × 1 cm