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北角Fresh Organic為您呈獻 ~ 令您由內到外都+分健康的澳洲品牌 – CocoRoselle有機初榨冷壓椰子油。
Fresh Organic , North Point brings you a healthy & 100% Natural organic extra virgin coconut oil from Australia .
  • 澳洲信心品牌CocoRoselle,獲歐盟CERES 和歐盟有機認證
  • 澳洲直送,原裝正貨
  • 100%有機初榨冷壓椰子油,整個壓榨過程中無任何化學添加劑及化學程式R.B.D (精煉、漂白、去味)
  • 完整保存了鮮榨椰子油中的天然成分,維生素、礦物質、中鏈脂肪酸、植物性營養素等含量豐富
  • 並保留了新鮮椰子油的芬芳清醇及純椰香氣
  • 質量純正,中鏈三酸甘油酯(MCT)含量高達98.30%,比其他油脂更易被人體消化吸收
  • 無須膽汁及胰臟酵素分解,不會對胰臟、肝膽及消化系統產生負荷
  • 椰子油中所含的主要飽和脂肪酸與母乳所含相同,有助加速新陳代謝,迅速轉化成能量,不易儲存於體內,保護身體健康
  • 用途廣泛 , 如油拔法護膚、卸妝、護髮、治療濕疹、烹煮等皆宜

Coconut oil, may be used in a millennia of different ways. It really is a miracle product, below are just some of the ways it may be employed!

Many women use coconut oil on the skin as an everyday lotion – it is rich in it’s consistency and lovely to the touch. It is also excellent for reducing stretch marks during or after pregnancy and is also anti-bacterial

Mothers in the know use coconut oil to reduce and remove cradle cap in babies, simply massage their head and wash off after a few minutes. It’s also great for baby massage and mothers with sore nursing nipples, in place of lanolin.

In cooking as a great oil with a high smoke point and may be used to replace butter and vegetable oil in any dish. Additionally, it is the perfect oil for deep frying.

Use it to remove frizz from your hair – just a tiny dap on your hands, run it through your hair and frizz begone!

CocoRoselle Extra Virgin coconut oil


介紹                :   CocoRoselle有機初榨冷壓椰子油 (Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil )
產地                :   Philippian
容量/重量     :   300ml