CocoRoselle有機無麩質椰子花糖 (獨立包裝 / 低升糖指數)

CocoRoselle有機無麩質椰子花糖 (獨立包裝 / 低升糖指數)


澳洲信心品牌CocoRoselle,獲歐盟CERES 和歐盟有機認證 , 澳洲直送,原裝正貨

像生蜂蜜,天然椰子花糖含有多種礦物質 , 如維生素C,17種氨基酸,以及幾乎整個B群的。 CocoRoselle 有機椰子糖是低的血糖指數(35),並且還具有中性pH值的平衡,因此它不添加酸性身體。最適合使用的方式與紅糖使用。




Why Coconut Sugar?

Like raw honey, natural coconut sweeteners contain a variety of minerals, vitamin C, 17 amino acids, and nearly the entire B complex. CocoRoselle Organic Coconut sugar is low on the glycemic index (35) and also has a neutral pH balance, so it does not add acidity to the body. Best for using as you would use brown sugar. It has a nutty flavor, but does not taste like coconut.

Coconut sap sugar is an all-natural wholefood which is not artificial or related to by-products of refined sugar cane.

It contains no chemicals, is pesticide free and is totally unrefined.

Coconut sugar is produced 100% from the sweet, water sap that drips from the cut flowers buds of organically grown coconut palms.

We all know we shouldn’t eat too much sugar, especially refined sugars. Refined sugars are causing metabolic syndrome, a collection of conditions (such as high blood pressure, carrying too much fat around your abdomen, and high blood sugar) that often occur together and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

CocoRoselle Coconut Sugar Sachets

CocoRoselle , Brand from Australia


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介紹           :  CocoRoselle有機無麩質椰子花糖 / CocoRoselle Organic Coconut Sugar  (Low GI + Gluten Free)
產地           :   Philippines
容量/重量:   50 Sachets / Box