Barlean’s 有機冷磨亞麻籽片
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Barlean’s 有機冷磨亞麻籽片


產品特色 :

  • 選用百分百有機認證的北美優質亞麻籽
  • 保證無農藥,化肥,防腐劑或反式脂肪
  • 不用研磨,方便食用
  • 以冷磨方法生產,保存最多營養
  • 以高質黑色容器保存密封,避免珍貴營養被氧化及被光線破壞
    食用方法 :-
    每日 2 – 4 湯匙。可隨意加入早餐,牛奶,鮮乳酪,或沙律。也可用來製作鬆餅蛋糕。

    適 合 每天1-2湯匙, 混於水, 果汁或加入穀麥片, 乳酪, 湯, 沙拉, 飯, 麵包, 蔬果等食用
    食用方法 男女老幼、肥胖、便秘、更年期婦女、素食者

Product Features :

  • Made from Quality selected  Certified Organic Flaxseed from North America
  • Cold milled ( low temperature processing ) to preserve optimum nutrients inside.
    FREE of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives and trans fat
  • grinded and ready to serve
  • sealed in high quality container to avoid damages by light and oxidization

Serving Directions :-
2 – 4 tablespoon per day. Sprinkle on cereals, milk, yogurt. or as ingredients in making cakes or muffins.
Please keep refrigerated after opening.

Suitable for 1-2 tablespoons daily mix with water, fruit juices, cereal, cheese, soup, salad, rice, bread, fruit and vegetable etc.
Dosage All, obesity, constipation, menopausal women, vegetarians
This product is suitable for people concerned about blood sugar / blood pressure / blood lipids/cholesterol
* No genetically modified ingredients, without preservatives, no artificial coloring and flavoring



介紹           :  Barlean’s 有機冷磨亞麻籽片
產地           :  USA
容量/重量:   454 g