Kavli挪威天然健康五穀餅乾 (原味)

Kavli挪威天然健康五穀餅乾 (原味)


Kavli 在挪威歷史攸久, 超過75年 造餅乾經驗 ! 本產品用天然材料製迄造, 如黑麥, 而且不含酵母 , 可避免食物敏感.
而且製做過程以低温處理, 保持產品養份.
本產品不含膽固醇, 高纖 , 低脂肪, 實屬麵包及零食以外之選 !!
食法 多樣 , 可伴沙律, 芝士, 煙三文魚, 生果或菜湯 !!
Kavli All natural 100 % whole grain crispbreads are famous for their crispy , delicious flavor and nutritional valus. They are baked using only pure , natural ingredients, are high in fiber, low in calories, and do not contain cholesterol – a great alternative to bread, crackers and other snack foods !!
They are stirred and mixed under low temperatures using Rye Flour and water, and without use of yeast , making them a prefect choice for consumers with yeast allergies !!



介紹           : Kavli挪威天然健康五穀餅乾 (原味)
產地           :  Norway
容量/重量:  150g